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Peas Please

Tiny little globes of delicious spring!

Peas, they're not exactly what we thought they were. They were those little morsels of deliciousness; a just reward for work well done. Today they, those little balls of delight referred to as English peas, are being replaced. Our pea consumption is now greatly augmented by the peas for the lazy man. You know I'm talking about you Snow pea, and yes Sugar Snap, and don't get me started on Super Sugar Snaps!
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Vegetarian for Spring

Spring has actually arrived. We certainly waited long enough, and endured quite the winter, so it's time to reward ourselves with some of the great produce the warm weather is bringing. last week I...
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Artichokes or not?

So what should I not write about? Artichokes for starters. Or rather, I should be writing about how artichokes don't pair well with wines. It has to do cynarin, a chemical compound contained in...
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Succulent Spring Lamb

I love spring, it’s my favorite season for several reasons but the one thing that seals the deal for me is that in Spring the air is fresh enough so that you can hold onto big reds, while...
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La Cocina Latina


I recently spent a day in Miami and had hoped to pair some wines with the enticing selection of Cuban foods on offer at many of the top restaurants there. That did not end up happening, though I did manage to enjoy too much coffee that sunny day.... Read more »

The Amazing Potato

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The lowly potato. We fry them, mash them, boil them, and bake them, but rarely celebrate them. Today they get all of my attention, which if you know me shouldn't be surprising. I love potatoes, prepared just about anyway but my preference is boiled. Read more »

Succulent Bay Scallops


Seasonal foods are something to celebrate, though in all honesty sometimes we celebrate them more because they’re seasonal than for a true gastronomic reason. Not the case with Bay Scallops. These little morsels of muscle are freaking delicious.... Read more »

The Flavors of Spain


Somethings just stand out. I do a fair amount of browsing of recipes and the like, and all too often I see something , then it dawns on me. I don't make that enough. It's not that I don't cook often, because I do. It's just that I tend to fall... Read more »

Killing it on Valentine’s Day


Our lives are filled with challenges, some big and some small. Deciding what to eat for dinner generally falls on the small side of the scale, though on occasion it rises to something a bit weightier. Holidays that are laden with expectations in... Read more »

Super Bowl Supper


With the Super Bowl on so many minds, and it’s accompanying smorgasbord of themed dishes I thought it would be a good time to revisit a recipe proposed for Super Bowl XLIV. That’s 2010 for those of us to lazy to google it. It was a recipe for... Read more »

Dining with Cabernet

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Last week I reviewed many a great Cabernet Sauvignon priced between $16 and $75 a bottle. Revisiting several of the wines over the weekend got me to thinking. Thinking about the role these wines play, and in particular the role those $20 13.9%... Read more »

Vegetarian for Winter

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Sometimes you want to take a break from meat, or you have friends coming over who are, shall we say, not carnivorous. Or you just want something a bit lighter for lunch or dinner. No matter the reasons, you don’t have to suffer for it. Meat... Read more »

The Beauty of Beans


Having just fended off the cold of winter with some Chili Beans, due deference being paid here to actually Chili, my thoughts have turned to the beauty of beans, and how perfect they are for winter. They are of course great in soups, and I do use... Read more »

5 Savory Beef Soups


It has been quite a week, with record low temperatures recorded virtually across the country. When the weather gets this cold you just want to stay inside and warm your soul with some rich, savory soups! Not only will you feel better but you'll... Read more »

A Healthy Start


OK, so we’re all on a diet right? That doesn’t mean life is a rice cracker and half a banana, and beside the wine pairing possibilities there don’t exactly inspire. Don’t tell me there’s no wine either. Ay carumba. Read more »

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