kate statton

Kate Statton

Former editor at Snooth. Excited to be learning more about all things food, wine and spirits!

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Rona Lewis

Rona Lewis

I'm a fitness and lifestyle coach and author of the funny, healthy "Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?" cookbook series. I believe one can eat healthy and enjoy a fabulous glass of wine with meals.

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Sara Kay

Sara Kay

Assistant Editor at Snooth. Current cocktail of choice: dirty gin martini, straight up, heavy on the olive juice.

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Kristin Watts

Lover and student of all wines and wine experiences with a retail background, an Intermediate WSET Certificate from the International Wine Center, and an intense passion for wine. It's go time!

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Hana Choi

Hana Choi

Editor at Snooth. Learning to love food and wine more and more each day. Let me know what you're interested in!

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Eric Guido

Eric Guido

Food and Wine Writer for Snooth Media, Chef, Musician, Poet, Wine Lover, and Workaholic. Owner, Chef and Writer for The V.I.P. Table.

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Dawn Diffenderffer-Baker

If I could roller skate, I would definitely be a derby girl, but only for the cursing part. I'm a self taught cook, and love to entertain in my Baltimore home with my beloved husband, Joe, and two misfit dogs, Baxter and Archie.

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Chip and Nancy Mackrides

Chip Mackrides

Chip is an Attorney practicing for over 30 years in Business, Real Estate & Estates. He teaches and writes in the field of Law as well as Food & Wine. He and his wife Nancy are avid collectors of wine and amateur chefs. Epicurians & bon vivants.

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Nicholas Rummell

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Emily Peterson

Emily Peterson

Emily Peterson is a cook, writer, culinary teacher, and winner of “Best in Show” for her peanut butter cookies as a kid. She is the creator of The Gourmand & the Peasant (

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Lori Narlock

Busy mom, wife, writer, cook and collector.

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Emily Hobbs

I'm obsessed with baking and cooking. I like writing my blog and throwing in a little humor. I'm interested in creating, testing and writing recipes, as well as food styling. I'm in the process of applying to pastry school.

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Kevin Chandler

Kevin Chandler

North Carolina native still searching for the perfect barbecue and wine pairing.

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Amanda Goossen

Amanda Goossen

Nose in a book, hands in the kitchen and ears to the ground. I'm a book loving, food obsessed, music junkie who can usually be found creating a meal, sipping a glass of wine and rocking out in my kitchen! Feeding people is my passion!!!

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