Food Press Questions

  • What is the Food Press?

    The Food Press is a live feed that allows you to filter through What's Cookin's content types and topics on one, easy-to-use page.

  • How do I view content in the Food Press?

    The default option for viewing content in the Food Press displays Articles, Blog Posts, Quizzes, Conversations, Questions, and content "On The Web." You can choose to hide or show any specific type of content and can sort by what's Newest or Popular. You can also choose specific topics individually or search via the search bar at the top of the Food Press.

  • How do I add content to the Food Press?

    Currently, there are four types of content you as a blogger/publisher can share on Food Press: Blogs, Quizzes, Conversations, or Questions. Simply visit our Publisher and follow the prompts to join the conversation happening right now.

    When posting, we'll automatically generate tags based on the content of your post and save a draft every five minutes. You can also add tags if you feel we’ve missed any.

    Also, if you'd like to have us index your RSS feed from your blog for our "On The Web" section, feel free to send us an email and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

  • What are you doing with my content?

    If you've submitted content to the Food Press, your content will be displayed to the What's Cookin community. If you see your content in the "On The Web" section, we'll show a partial post and then link back to your blog/site for the original post.

  • After I add content, how long does it take to show up in Food Press?

    The Food Press updates every 10-15 minutes.

  • The content I posted seems to have disappeared. Where did it go?

    If your content is no longer visible in the Food Press, it's possible that a moderator or multiple members of the Snooth community flagged your content as inappropriate or offensive. If you feel that this happened in error, please submit a bug report here.

  • How do you determine the order in which content appears?

    The way in which content is displayed on the Food Press is determined by a proprietary algorithm that takes into account both Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down votes, Tweets, and Facebook Likes/Shares.