Is there a difference in taste between male and female lobsters/crabs?

803609Hana Choi

I've noticed male crabs tend to be more expensive at crab shacks and restaurants. Is there really a difference in taste to justify the higher price? Which do you prefer?

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  • From what I've seen it seems that this is mostly a matter of personal opinion, and that neither male or female lobster has a specifically different taste. The males have larger claws, while the females have a meatier tail and roe (which some consider a delicacy), so you should pick your poison based on your favorite part of the crustacean. Love the claws? Buy male. Is the tail your favorite part? Buy female.

    Crabs on the other hand seem more difficult to differentiate. Some say the females are sweeter than the males, while others argue that the males have an overall better flavor. Keep in mind that in some areas it is illegal to harvest female crabs for commercial use. Despite this, she-crab soup is very well known and uses the crab roe of the female as a base flavor in the soup.

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    Aug 22, 2011 at 3:11pm

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