What is fish sauce?

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Fish sauce is a common ingredient in many Asian-style recipes. What exactly is it, and how is it made? Does anyone have any great recommendations for using it?

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  • 2Mark Angelillo Not sure, but good question. When I was vegetarian I used to stay away from Thai food and Vietnamese food simply because I had seen it in too many recipes. I think it's just a natural match for the other flavors in Asian foods, so tends to be used in those recipes almost as I would use salt/pepper.



    Fish sauce is basically a fermented mixture of fish, water, and salt.  I've never made my own, but there are great debates over what brand reigns king (3 Crabs vs. Squid).  Because it's fermented, fish sauce does not expire, as long as you keep it in a cool, dark place.  For those who do not eat fish, there is a vegetarian version, but I have not tried it.

    Fish sauce is usually used in kimchi.  It is also a common ingredient in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.  I really love the Momofuku recipe for fish sauce vinaigrette, and it goes well with roasted cauliflower -- perfect for fall!


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