What is the best protein to go with a risotto side for dinner?

178306Nicki Gig

I am having friends over for dinner Friday night and my husband and I plan to make a squash and pancetta risotto.  We've made it before and loved, but would prefer this to accompany an additional protein.  I am stumped as to what protein would be best.  Maybe pork?  However, other, more interesting ideas are welcome.  And then, what wine should we drink with it?  


  • In my mind squash always pairs well with chicken, though I'm not quite sure why I associate the two. If you are cooking the risotto in a chicken broth, the flavor combination with the added chicken will make sense on your plate. Try grilling the chicken to match the smokiness of the pancetta.

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    Snooth User: Kate Statton

    Oct 13, 2011 at 11:07am

    • 178306Nicki Gig Thanks! It is with chicken broth so this could be an ideal route to take. Appreciate the advice!

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