What's your favorite muffin recipe?

455797Kyle Graynor

I bought a baking set a while back, and I've never managed to use the muffin tin. Now that it's getting to be that season (really, when is it not the season for muffins though?), I thought I'd take a crack at making muffins. What's your favorite muffin recipe (meat is a plus, like these I Love Bacon Muffins which I've been meaning to try: http://www.whatscook.in/articles/appalachian-cooking/)?


  • Kyle,

    One thing you can do with a muffin tin, besides muffins, is make mini-servings of savory things that you bake. Such as little baked zitis or macaroni and cheese. It's a great way to portion control, and you can then freeze what you don't eat right away. Plus makes a great hors d'oevres for parties!

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    Snooth User: Amanda Schuster

    Oct 17, 2011 at 1:35pm

    • 455797Kyle Graynor Ooh, I didn't think of that! I've used the bread pan for baking fish (more like steaming fish the way I made it), but mac and cheese would be great! Thanks!

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