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Surprising Rice Salads

Whether as a side dish or the main event, Rice Salads are a perfect addition to your summery menus!

I’ve been writing a lot about meat lately, which is normal for me both because I like a nice piece of meat, particularly in the summer when the grill is going, and meat of all sorts are usually very easy to pair well with wine. Double bonus points for me.
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Grilling for a Change

So, here I am trying to compile a few compelling grilled beef recipes and you know what I find? A ton of Filet Mignon recipes. That is so 1960 folks. Today we're grilling up the tough cuts. Well...
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Delicate and Delicious!

While much of summer’s oohing and awing seems reserved for dry aged, grass fed and locally grown beef these days, not that I am complaining, eating beef on a daily basis can grow tiresome. We...
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Succulent and Summery Shrimp!

I recently made a dish that was roughly a cross between Cioppino and a sea fra Diavolo. Spicy, tomatoey and with a nice hit of diced fennel, it was absolutely fabulous over rice, though it would be...
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Recipes for a Fabulous 4th!

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Summer is finally, actually, completely here and to celebrate we get this fabulous long weekend for the 4th of July. How fortuitous that the fourth falls on a Friday this year, ensuring that we all get the weekend off, though I know many of us... Read more »

Grab the Grill and Get Tacoing!

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One benefit of writing about food and wine all the time is that you are reminded of things you might have forgotten. Take tacos for examples. It's not like I'd forgotten about them actually, but I was reminded while doing some recent, umm,... Read more »

Gettin our Chicken on!


We’ve had grilled chicken on the brain recently, and for some inspired recipes check out our recent article Great Grilled Chickens! Of course there are near infinite permutations of grilled chicken recipes and the wines that work with them so we... Read more »

Who Loves Grilled Pork?


As we delve deeper into the grilling season it's time for pork to take center stage. I love grilled pork, heck I love pork, though I tend to find my meat at local butchers and farmsteads since the supermarket stuff tends to be, shall we say... Read more »

Great Grilled Chickens!


With everyone getting in on the grilling game it's no surprise that grilled chicken is more popular than ever. We like chicken because it's a healthy meat, but the truth is the least healthy bits of the chicken tend to grill up the best. While... Read more »

Great Pasta Salad


While we focus much of our time on grilling recipes each summer a beautiful piece of grilled meat does not a meal make. That's why we need us some pasta salad, and the truth is that a nice pasta salad just might a meal make. Albeit a light one!... Read more »

Inspiring Burgers


The grill is out, summer is creeping into our days and nights, the patio furniture has been washed, the only thing left to do is to fire up that Smokey Joe and start cookin! Easing into the summer season means one thing for me. Finally getting a... Read more »

When you say BBQ...


Yesterday we provided you with some suggestions regarding wines to pair with BBQ. The question was left intentionally vague, and the response that we received from our contributing wine writers were correspondingly all over the map. Today i just... Read more »

Our Favorite Wine With ‘Cue

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Just in time for memorial Day weekend, and the unofficial start of barbecue season, we’re bringing you some great suggestions for wines to pair with your ‘cue. Back again with suggestions from our favorite wine writers, this week’s... Read more »

Savoring your Soft Shells

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I know today's topic isn't going to be the most appealing ingredient I've written about. After all, eating something whole is sort of like eating bugs, and eatings crabs is exactly like eating bugs so there's that. And then there's those shells,... Read more »

Pairing our Wines of the Week

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We’ve had quite the varied set of wines reported on this week. From classified growth Bordeaux, to a variety of Syrahs and the unusual white wines of Portugal and the perfect spring time whites, it’s a wide ranging and particularly diverse set... Read more »

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