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Neapolitan Christmas Dishes and Wine Pairings

Come with us on a culinary Christmas journey to Naples.

Christmas in Naples is truly worthy of the word abbondanza, or abundance, where preparations for feasting are readied weeks in advance. The kickoff is always Christmas Eve, traditionally known as La Vigilia, or the vigil. In times past, in accordance with church law, this was a day of fast, so only fish dishes appeared. It is still possible to create a traditional Neapolitan spread with wine pairings in the modern age.
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Nonconformist Oyster & Wine Pairings

Like many foodies, I adore oysters on the half shell. One of my first jobs working in a professional kitchen as a kid, after I was promoted from the pot sink, was shucking oysters and serving...
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Unpredictable Food & Wine Pairings

In America tomorrow is the big day: Thanksgiving. Of course most of us will roll out the traditional recipes and ingredients, with turkey taking center stage at the table. Now what about your side...
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5 Wines to Pair with Indian Food Classics

The best Indian food I ever had was when my friend Aman’s parents would visit from Ahmedabad and his mother would cook wonderful meals for us. Beautifully seasoned, all vegetarian, and all made...
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When it comes to keeping cocktails seasonal, most people think of summer as the season of greatest bounty. Fruit hitting the peak of ripeness, daiquiris clinking in coupe glasses and the refreshing sweet & tangy punch from a proper whisky sour. Read more »

When Wine Gets Saucy: Top Tips & Recipes


The art of turning wine into sauce. Nothing uplifts a mundane meal more than a great sauce. Sauces make plain sautéed chicken pop, punches up grilled meats and make pasta an experience. Cooks often use wine instead of water to make sauce... Read more »

Halloween Candy & Wine Pairing Extravaganza


It's Halloween time once again—time for costumes, time for candy, and why not also make it time for a glass of wine? If you think a glass of vino with a candy bar is passé, think again. Vineyards all over the country are on board, hosting posh... Read more »

How to Pair with Great Wines!


This is of course a bit biased, and I didn't even include three of my favorite wines, Bordeaux, Chianti, and Barbera, but the point here was to try and highlight what I think are the greatest wines made on earth, which are not necessarily the most... Read more »

RiceSelect™ Layered Rice Pudding  


Preparation: Combine egg and milk in 2-quart saucepan. Whisk to combine; add pudding mix; continue whisking until dissolved. Stir in rice, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg. Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture comes to a boil and thickens.... Read more »

Grab a Riesling and Relax!


Riesling can be a challenging wine for consumers. It’s not that the wines are difficult to enjoy or pair with food, it’s simply because, uniquely among the world’s wines, Riesling is regularly produced in styles that range from bone dry to... Read more »

RiceSelect™ Coconut Rice Sweet Potato Cheesecake


Preparation: Butter a 10-inch spring form pan. Combine crust ingredients and press in bottom and partially up sides of pan. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 350o F. Using a food processor, purée cooked Arborio, sweetened... Read more »

5 Course Chicken Dinner

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I have my reasons, which are few but important, but at home I rarely cook chicken. I sit in Italy eating chicken as I formulate these ideas in my head, and it's precisely because of this chicken that I am eating that I rarely eat chicken while at... Read more »

Wine-Friendly Pumpkin Recipes


Pumpkin, so emblematic of the end of the summer and entry into Autumn. It's among the last of the great harvests, just in time for Halloween and right through Thanksgiving pumpkins grace out stoops and our tables, but what can you really do with... Read more »

How easy is it to Pair Cabernet?


While Cabernet is really an all-season wine, it tends to come into its own as the weather cools. It’s not that it doesn’t pair with a great big steak sizzling of the BBQ, its that there are so many great pairing options with foods we rarely... Read more »

5 Wines for Prime Rib


If you’re looking to roast a whole ribeye roast for the first time, check out this recipe: http://eat.snooth.com/recipe-pairing-guide/r/prime-rib-with-horseradish-cream/ For a few years in the first decade of the 2000s, my buddy Paul and I... Read more »

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